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Yellow Nutsedge

Yellow Nutsedge Identification can be confusing and figuring out a Yellow Nutsedge treatment even more frustrating. Sometimes it will be called nutgrass even though it’s not technically a grass. It is a sedge. Its leaves are grass like and yellow-green color, and the spiky flower or seed head is yellow. Yellow nutsedge can be distinguished from good grasses by its V-shaped stem on the plant. So what is the best way to identify it in Fairlawn and Copley OH? If you’ve mowed and a day or two later you will see yellowish grass growing higher than your lawn… yellow nutsedge is the culprit unfortunately. It is a tough weed to control because the tubers will grow 8-14 inches deep in your soil with nutlets. These nutlets are how Nutsedge gets its name. It can be very expensive for the average person to get rid of and try to control it, however, here at Akron Canton Lawn Care we can address the problem at a very fair cost because we purchase the products in bulk and pass the savings on to our clients. We use products on the commercial market for the control of Nutsedge.

Nutsedge in Copley Ohio and Fairlawn Ohio

Nutsedge, also commonly referred to as nutgrass, is a weed that begins affecting Copley and Fairlawn Ohio lawns around mid Summer. It’s scientific name is Cyperus esculentus. Nutsedge is very invasive and is considered one of the toughest weeds to control by all lawn companies and golf course professionals around the world.

Nutsedge has a peculiar shape that makes it somewhat easy to identify. It has a triangular stem made up of 3 leaves, is light green in color and has a glossy sheen. It also has the ability to outgrow regular grass in terms of height, causing lawn care customers to have to mow more often to reduce the unpleasing visual effect. It thrives it wet and damp areas. If you have a broken sprinkler or a low lying area in your lawn that holds water frequently. This will be an ideal area for the Nutsedge to start to grab hold of your turf. It will also travel through open ditch lines in neighborhoods that have them.


There is no good organic control for killing nutsedge in your turf. Just like a dandelion, we strongly urge clients to not pull this weed! Because Nutsedge has a very delicate root structure that can break at the slightest pull the root structures are left in the soil and will regenerate a new plant very quickly, making the problem only get worse. In fact, we recommend that customers leave the plant and let it get tall enough to be sprayed with weed control, the more leaf material the technician can spray, means that much more of the herbicide will be taken in by the Nutsedge plant. We also like to use a pre emergent on a problem lawn already known to have a Yellow Nutsedge issue. This attacks the Nutsedge before it even emerges in Spring and has proven to be a very effective method of treatment. If you have a Nutsedge problem in your turf feel free to contact us today for a free quote on Yellow Nutsedge Treatments.



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