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In Brimfield and Kent Ohio Organic Lawn Care Based Programs are some of the best you can choose for your lawn and family. At Akron Canton Lawn Care we always provide services while keeping our prices very affordable for anyone who wishes to have a beautiful lawn. Our fertilization services are organic based and release nutrients slowly and evenly over time on your turf. Organic Lawn Care Based Programs believe in a safer and more beautiful environment, so we use well rounded products that will have less of an impact on the Kent & Brimfield area. When providing professional lawn care service, we feel it's our duty to protect the environment while providing extremely high quality organic lawn care service. The sound lawn care application programs we have developed are environmentally sensitive, but extremely effective to create a beautiful lawn.

Our organic fertilizers are all custom blended with organic based materials from our manufacturer are actually put into each and every fertilization product we provide. Organic Lawn Care products being organically based will produce great results, and give your turf the food it needs and the color you desire.

This is our preferred way of establishing and maintaining an extremely healthy lawn. We use pre emergents for crabgrass prevention and low impact weed control targeting your weeds only. No blanket applications of weed control will be applied to your turf.

When it comes to troubled areas in the lawn in Kent and Brimfield OH, or just making your lawn look greener and fuller than your neighbors, our 100% natural lawn aeration and our seeding methods is unparalleled in terms of seed quality, preparation, and service. Adding on this lawn aeration service in tandem with Organic Lawn Care based program will give you an overwhelming superior product.

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