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Akron Canton Lawn Care knows every homeowner desires a gorgeous and weed free lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood. With Akron Canton Lawn Care our hard working professionals will work to make sure your lawn always looks perfect in the Hartville and Louisville Ohio area.

Our programs are designed to properly nourish your turf all season long and eliminate intrusive and unsightly broadleaf weeds. With the knowledge of taking care of lawns all across the Louisville & Hartville OH area. We have the experience and expertise to make a great environment for a lush, healthy, and weed free lawn. A healthy, green lawn with steady growth and the absence of broadleaf weeds is something you deserve.

New Lawn Customers

A highly trained and friendly lawn service experts with our lawn company will be delighted to give you a free lawn estimate over the phone or through an email. We use a computerized measurement program that allows us to give you a competitive, comprehensive and a fair quote in less than 24 hours. Usually faster and there is a good chance we service your neighborhood and know the needs of lawns in your specific area.

We can schedule the 1st application in Hartville and Louisville OH area within one business week or sooner.


Lawn Care

The experienced professionals at Akron Canton Lawn Care feel your satisfaction is our top concern, so give us a call if you are not completely pleased with the results. With our years of experience providing lawn service we know how to care for the lawns in our area to bring out the very best in each lawn.

We also offer other services such as aeration, overseeding and turf pest control. All these lawn care services are very beneficial for your lawn also.

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