Mole and Vole Applications with Akron Canton Lawn Care

Has Your Lawn Suffered From The Effects Of Moles And Voles, Leaving You With An Unsightly Mess In Your Lawn?

While moles and voles are unlike other pests. They are not known to cause structural damage to your home, but they too cause their own damage and create other nuisances and frustrations, especially to your lawn in Hinckley and Medina Ohio.

We are a professional, reliable and reasonable lawn pest control company that could relieve your worries and frustrations.


A scheduled service program is the key to controlling these annoying critters.

Moles and voles are recurring pests that live and thrive in nature and prefer moist lawns and gardens in close proximity to the woods and brush. If you do not control your mole or vole issues, you could create a mess. These are messes you just do not want to deal with, or have time to deal with.

If you want to control the problem, you will want to find a trustworthy, reliable and reputable company.

So while you are looking for a mole and vole service provider in Medina and Hinckley Ohio, here are some key things you will want to look for; Claims that can eliminate moles and voles forever is impossible. The goal and right communication from any service company should be reasonable control because it is an ongoing process. Applying grub control is only part of a control plan. Majority of moles diets consist of earthworms and grubs. Earthworms being their favorite food source. Keeping treatments on the lawn to make the soil an inhospitable home for moles and voles. In combination with affecting their food sources is the best course of action in controlling these critters.

If you have a mole or vole problem, don’t let it get out of control and let Akron Canton Lawn Care take care of the problem with our mole and vole applications. Feel free to contact us today for a free estimate. 

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