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Turf management by experienced lawn care specialists with Akron Canton Lawn Care can help you obtain dense grass with great color that makes a significant impact on the overall appearance of your property. A professional turf management program cultivates healthy growing turf by using a meticulously formulated balance of controlled release lawn fertilizers, nutrients and minerals that is based on the specific conditions and individual characteristics of your turf. A comprehensive approach to turf management and careful timing of turf applications creates a lawn that is more resistant to insects, weeds and diseases.


Benefits of Turf Management

Attention to detail and proper timing are requirements for a turf management program that produces excellent results. Your turf management program starts with balanced fertilizers that contain unique nutrient sources to encourage green up, controlled growth and reduce the chances for lawn diseases to develop. Controlled release fertilization also enhances color and lawn vigor while reducing excessive shoot growth. Root density of your turfgrass is increased to better handle stress.

Preventative crabgrass treatments and treatments for broadleaf weeds and insects are also added where needed based upon seasonal timing. In addition, your turf program will includes seasonally formulated fertilizers that promote expansion of roots and storage of carbohydrates to improve winter hardiness.

Turf Management with Professionals

Turf management by fully trained professional at Akron Canton Lawn Care can help you preserve the beauty of your lawn and protect the value of your property. Using a well established turf management service provider to help you prioritize your turf management needs into a comprehensive, cost effective plan, will give you the peace of mind and confidence needed to spend more time on other projects.

The technical and diagnostic turf management with certified lawn specialists who have met rigorous training standards. Every turf management specialist working on your property will exhibit turf management expertise, work ethic, professional competency, commitment to the environment, and an eye for safety.


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turf management, akron canton lawn care, fertilizer, weed control, doyles town ohio, canal fulton ohio, weed service
turf management, akron canton lawn care, fertilizer, weed control, doyles town ohio, canal fulton ohio, weed service

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