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Some homeowners will try to aerate with spikes, according to all major studies, using spikes does not work because the process doesn’t pull the plugs out. It just makes small holes in the soil, which doesn’t relieve pressure on your lawn or help with thatch issues. The small holes close very quickly and never allow much nutrients, water, air or fertilizer into the soil.  Core aeration is done with a gas powered machine which removes small core from the lawn. This is the best method and how we perform lawn aerations. Akron Canton Lawn Care not only provides the proper equipment but extends to our clients our  many years of knowledge on proper turf grass management.

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Average Core Aeration

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The most important step you can take towards a healthy and beautiful lawn is Lawn Aeration. Cultivation is required to help improve soil conditions in your lawn, ideally, you should aerate at least once a year. Fertilizer alone does not improve soil conditions aeration is necessary to build a greater resistance against disease, insects, and drought. 

aerator plugs

Core aeration is the process of  removing small cores of soil and thatch in your lawn with specially designed equipment. The machine has hollow coring tines that roll over the lawn, puncturing its surface and systematically removing small plugs of soil and thatch from the turf. The removal of these plugs relieves soil compaction in the lawn and allows air, water and nutrients to reach the root system of your grass. This contributes to a healthier lawn with a deeper root system that enables the grass to better overcome stress caused by insects, disease and drought.


The soil cores called "plugs" should be left on the turf after aeration, as they contain soil microorganisms that will break down lawn thatch. These plugs disappear in a short period of time when left on the surface to decompose. Golf courses aerate multiple times yearly to achieve the best possible turf.

When your lawn is compacted valuable nutrients, fertilizer and water will runoff the turf instead of soaking-in. The absorption of nutrients is imperative in keeping your lawn healthy and great looking. Also a further bonus of aeration is it can help drainage issues on your property by relieving soil compaction. You will have difficulty getting  grass to take root or grow in very compacted soil. 


Core Aeration also speeds up the process of thatch decomposition and keeps thatch at an acceptable level. With frequent lawn aeration, thatch can be kept in check and not become a problem for your lawn.  Thatch is natural and when it is kept at an acceptable level thatch can be beneficial to your turf. An acceptable amount of thatch is a normal part of a lush and healthy lawn. When thatch collects over ½ inch thick it begins creating problems. An excessive amount of thatch will also promote insects and breed disease.

Most soils become hard and compact over time making the area between the compacted soil particles too close for penetrating water, air and the root system. Core aeration lets the soil expand dramatically improving the space between soil particles . Lawn roots, water and air can penetrate deeper in open soils. 

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New Homes and Core Aeration

New homes often need core aeration because builders just throw down grass seed without prepping your soil. Then you’re left with a lawn that has been trampled by machinery and is heavily compacted. If your lawn is compacted it will always be thin and unhealthy. It is recommended to aerate your lawn at least once a year. Golf courses, at a minimum, core aerate twice a year.


Overseeding with Aeration

How do you achieve a lawn which is lush, dense and visually appealing? The answer- overseeding, which is the practice of sowing additional seed over existing grass to boost and restore your turf.

Overseeding is a great practice because over time the individual grass blades in your lawn weaken and die as they age. This makes your lawn vulnerable to weeds, disease and insects. Areas in your lawn which have damaged from heavy foot traffic or extreme temperatures can also benefit from overseeding. It helps re-establish a strong foundation improving the overall health and appearance of your lawn. The best time to overseed is after your lawn has been aerated, spreading the seed as evenly as possible.


1. Property inspection, taking note of any potential risk areas.
2. A commercial lawn core aerator will then be used to aerate your lawn.
3. For corners a smaller aerator will be used to ensure all your lawn gets covered.
4. We also clean sidewalks and driveways of any plugs and put them back to the lawn to allow decomposition. Soil cores should be left on the lawn to break down naturally. The cores natural decomposition is beneficial to overall health of your lawn.

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What Clients Say

It has been wonderful having you service my yards! This is the first time in 89 years I became unable to care for everything! I love you guys.

Kathleen S of Akron, Ohio

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your company for taking care of my lawn. I just received a notice that I am nominated for the Akron Beautification award. I owe this all to your services and your attention to the details. I'm so proud of the way my lawn looks.

Tabitha R of Akron OH

"It has been clear that you have truly placed a priority on ensuring our property looks great! I know we have a very difficult property to maintain, yet it has been done perfectly."

Frank & Susan L Fairlawn OH

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