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Traditional Lawn Care Made Easy

Pick the options that best suits your lawns specific needs or contact our certified professionals to assist you.

We offer multiple lawn fertilizer options with weed control, lawn pest management and aeration. 

Core 5 Application Plan

Our core plan includes an application of Premium Fertilizer on each of your 5 treatments. The first 2 treatments include applications of Crabgrass Pre-Emergents. Weed control products will be applied on each of the 5 treatments. Weed control applications are tailored to your lawn and your lawns needs. 

Strengthen your turf with the following additions

Fall Winterizer Application

Add this application to the Core 5 Plan, making a Winterizer treatment the 6th application for the season. Winterizer is one of the most beneficial treatments for the lawn because it is designed with high levels of nitrogen to promote the storage of carbohydrates before the soil freezes. It also feeds the grass throughout the winter to keep it healthy and  green.

Core Aeration

The most important step you can take towards a healthy and beautiful lawn is Core Aeration. This practice helps improve soil conditions in your lawn, ideally, you should aerate at least once a year. Core Aeration builds a greater resistance against disease, insects, and drought.

Core Aeration & Overseeding

Along with the beneficial application of Lawn Aeration, Overseeding is a great practice. Over time areas in your lawn will have damaged from heavy foot traffic, thinning or extreme temperatures can benefit from overseeding. It establishes a strong foundation improving the overall health and appearance of your lawn. Overseeding is the perfect compliment to core aeration and the best time to overseed is after your lawn has been aerated.

Pest Control & Other Add-Ons

Grub Control

Grubs can cause significant damage to your lawn and landscape, help prevent this damage by adding Grub prevention to our Core 5 Application Plan.  This treatment will be applied at the appropriate time to ensure the effectiveness of this product.

Flea & Tick Control

Don't let Fleas & Ticks become a nuisance to your family and four-legged friends. Add our surface insect control option to your Core 5 Application Plan, treatments are made at peak times of pest activity to insure the success of these 5 Flea & Tick applications.

Mole & Vole Treatments

Moles and voles can cause significant damage to your lawn and landscape. This treatment can be added to your Core 5 Application Plan to target these turf pests. Akron Canton Lawn Care uses a multi-faceted approach to defeat Moles or Voles and defend your lawn. Mole & Vole Treatments will be made 5 times through out the season.

Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter treatments can be a great addition to your Core 5 Application Plan if you have issues or concerns with lawn pests entering your home. This treatment will be applied to the perimeter of your home 5 times through out the season, starting in Spring and ending in Fall.

Yellow Nutsedge Treatments

Nutsedge is a grassy weed that can take over a lawn in a matter of a few years. Yellow nutsedge grows and spreads vigorously and will not go away unless specific products are used to treat this weed. Add our comprehensive 3 Step Nutsedge Program to your Core 5 Application Plan and begin ridding your lawn of this invasive weed.

Organic Options

Organic Based Lawn Care

Choose our 5 Application Organic Based Lawn Care Plan. This organic alternative can have any of the above listed additions added. The Organic Plan consists of Premium Organic Fertilizer and Pre-Emergents for Crabgrass Control in tandem with low impact weed control. Our low impact weed control will be used to target unwanted weeds in your lawn.

Tree & Shrub Care

Planting Bed Fertilization

Help your trees and shrubs thrive by adding fertilization to your Core 5 Application Plan. This treatment can be beneficial to your landscape by adding vital nutrients to the soil of your planting beds. Tree and Shrub care includes 2 applications of Premium Fertilizer and will be applied in both the Spring and Fall.

What to expect from your Akron Canton Lawn Care Program

  1. A state-certified technician will give you a custom quote that reflects your lawn and turf needs.
  2. Our technicians arrive at your property with-in your Program Cycle guidelines to perform application services.
  3. After each visit we will leave information letting you know what was applied to the lawn and any special instructions.
  4. You can always contact a qualified technician to answer any of your lawn care or specific application questions.
  5. A healthier more appealing lawn and an enjoyable experience. 

Referrals & Savings

The average client saves over $100 per year when switching from a comparable company to our service. 

You will get your lawn care service the way you want.

Akron Canton Lawn Care is a full service lawn care provider. Offering time-released fertilization, targeted weed control,  insect control, grub control, lawn core aeration and overseeding.

Akron Canton Lawn Care is state certified and trained to guarantee the highest service and knowledge is being provided to you and your lawn. ODA

You can be assured you are dealing with the best lawn care company in your area and we apply only the best fertilizer and weed control out there. We are state licensed applicators and use the highest quality equipment with digital controls to ensure proper applications every time. 

Keep in mind that many times hiring us is comparable or cheaper than purchasing residential equipment and products to put on your own lawn.

Our core “weed and feed” program remains one of our most popular lawn care service, but in addition to eliminating common broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover, we can take care of more complicated weeds such as oxalis and crabgrass. Also instead of the industry standard of one application, all of our plans come standard with 2 application of crabgrass control to help ensure no crabgrass.

We know that programs for lawn fertilizer and weed control that work in one neighboring area may not be right for your area. Therefore, we tailor our fertilization and weed prevention services to the growing conditions and local climate. We also know that people may have individual preferences for their lawn care service. This is why we offer you lawn care options of either 5 or 6 applications and additional services like core aeration.

Here are the key benefits of proper fertilization and weed control:fertilizer and weed management, akron canton lawn care, fertilization, lawn treatments, lawn spraying

  • Thicker, greener lawn
  • Knowing that the correct products are being applied in the correct amounts
  • Noxious weeds and crabgrass are controlled 
  • A healthier, more attractive lawn and home
  • A heartier, more stress and disease resistant lawn
  • Increase in property value

Take a moment to browse our lawn care tips, and blogs for more weed control and prevention sources to learn more about the best strategies in improving, growing, and maintaining a healthy lawn.

"We are so happy with you guys. Everything just looks wonderful. I am so glad we switched to you and so is my brother. I just wanted to say good job!"

Shirley R of Uniontown, Ohio

"You guys do great work I am so proud of what my lawn looks like now. Thank you"

Sue M Akron OH

"I can't say enough about how pleased I am with your services provided. I appreciate the level of professionalism and respect given to my property. I've told all my friends and neighbors."

Christine T of Richfield Ohio

"You have been so prompt and took such great care of my yard this year. Thank you for making me feel valued even though I know my yard is not a huge money maker for you."

Tamara T of Norton OH

"Thank you so much. Our Yard is looking the best it ever has."

Doris K of Springfield Township OH

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