Lawn Aeration and Overseeding in Akron OH

Thatch is natural and when it is kept under control, it’s a very beneficial part of your lawn. Thatch is the layer of organic matter made up of dead and living organic debris, blades and roots that builds up on any well-maintained yard. A small amount of thatch is a natural part of a growing healthy lawn in Akron Ohio. When your thatch gets over one-half inch thick it becomes a problem in the lawn this is when you should consider aeration. Heavy thatch harbors insects and breeds disease unfortunately.

Our equipment at Akron Canton Lawn Care pulls cores from your turf to alleviate soil compaction in your lawn. Where some aerators just put holes in the ground, which will create even further compaction. Core aeration that removes compaction from the soil allows water, air, nutrients, and fertilizer to have great success in your lawn. Core lawn aeration will guarantee a healthier and greener lawn.

Why aeration is beneficial:

  • Lawn core aeration removes thousands of plugs of soil and deposits them back above the thatch layer. The core plugs will “melt” back into the lawn and mix with the thatch. This speeds up the process of thatch decomposition, and keeps thatch under control in the lawn. Heavy thatch layers can contribute to insects, lawn diseases or drought damage in your lawn. With regular core aeration, thatch can be kept under control and will not be a threat to your lawn. Soil becomes hard and compacted over time. The small and tightly packed soil particles do not have the room between them for water, nutrients, air and roots.
  • Lawn core aeration lets the soil expand, and the space between soil particles is greatly increased. Lawn roots, nutrients, water and air can penetrate deeper in looser, more open soil in your lawn. With regular core aeration, the soil becomes “softer” and your lawn is healthier, thicker and more appealing as a result.
  • Lawn aeration in Akron Ohio works with or without seed. Golf courses core aerate many times a year with and without seed. They aerate so often because they know the great benefits of core aeration and is the main reason their grass is so healthy and so aesthetically appealing.

Overseeding in Akron Ohio with Akron Canton Lawn Care

How do you achieve a lawn which is dense, green, lush, healthy and visually appealing? The answer is overseeding – the practice of sowing additional grass seed over existing turf to boost and rejuvenate your lawn.

Overseeding is a great practice because over time in your lawn, the individual grass blades on your lawn weaken and die with age. Making your lawn vulnerable to disease, drought, insects and weeds. Areas in your turf which have damaged from from extreme temperatures or heavy foot traffic will benefit from overseeding. It will help re-establish a strong foundation and improves the overall health and visual appearance of your lawn. Once the lawn is core aerated, the seed should be applied as evenly as possible.

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