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At Akron Canton Lawn Care we use premium quality lawn fertilization products to provide your lawn with the best nutrients possible. We offer multiple lawn fertilizing packages with weed control, catering to your lawns individual needs. We treat each and every lawn with the attention it deserves in Brimfield and Kent Ohio. During each application of fertilizer and weed control we inspect your lawn for any foreseeable problems or unwanted pests. Additionally we treat any weeds that may have developed between the treatments to keep your lawn weed free and in perfect condition. We apply two applications of crabgrass treatments instead of the industry standard of one application. This ensures a great looking lawn with premium crabgrass control.

Why You Should Choose Akron Canton Lawn Care

Akron Canton Lawn Care provides all of our lawn care services with turf health, property value, and your personalized needs in mind. The number one benefit of Akron Canton Lawn Care maintaining your turf is peace of mind, knowing that your property is being cared for by professionals. Our state certified and trained technicians will provide your lawn with top quality care and make sure your lawn looks its best. The next best thing is that you do not have to do any work. Before leaving the lawn we make sure to look around the lawn for any suggestions we can give you to improve its health and quality. This means your lawn is being cared for by a professional regularly.

By proactively treating issues allows for a more successful applications, and provides you with a healthier lawn. Additionally, if any problems arise between visits, you can contact Akron Canton Lawn Care at any time. Providing our customers with top of the line customer service for their lawn and landscape is always our #1 priority. We want you to be just as proud of your lawn in Brimfield and Kent OH as we are. Let Akron Canton Lawn Care earn your business today with top-notch customer service, high quality lawn and landscape services, and a customized approach to caring for your turf. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide the best lawn care services in the Kent and Brimfield area.

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