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Akron Canton Lawn Care we have everything your lawn will need in Hartville and Louisville OH to look great we do things just a little bit differently than most of the companies that you may be used to. Our Organic Based Lawn Care Treatments create healthy turf with superior products.

We have found that if we use organic fertilization appropriately, improve the soil conditions and use pre emergents to prevent crabgrass that significantly minimize stress we can create beautiful, healthy lawns. We never blanket weed control on your entire lawn and only target weeds with a low impact product.

A soil that's alive with biological activity creates the perfect organic environment for healthy growth, great color, resistance to disease, a deeper and stronger root system. With incredible resistance to insects and environmental extremes like heat stress or summer drought. Organic fertilization is a great chose for your lawn. In addition to our organic lawn care fertilizer program we also offer many additional services to help your lawn always look it’s best.

Our Organic Lawn Care Program that feeds your turfgrass, but converts your soil into an environment that is rich with organics and biological activity. The program is based off treatments scheduled 4 to 6 weeks apart. We also recommend adding to the program with a core aeration to bring out the best in your lawn. The program is exactly what your family needs when it comes to having a healthy turf and peace of mind in Louisville and Hartville Ohio.

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