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Your lawn is one of the most important aspects of the overall look of your property and Akron Canton Lawn Care understands this. Our fertilizing and weed control technicians are knowledgeable, licensed and skilled experts, ready to provide you with high quality lawn care to give you greener grass on your side of the fence in Munroe Falls & Silver Lake Ohio.


Professional Lawn Care Company

The purpose of lawn fertilization with our lawn care company is to provide nutrients to encourage healthy active growth for your turfgrass. Many stresses are placed upon lawns: mowing and foot traffic alone are very stressful to the lawn. Turfgrass needs to out compete weeds, recover from disease outbreaks, insect issues, and drought damage. To do this turfgrass needs to be kept actively growing, although cool season grasses such as turf type tall fescue will recover if allowed to go dormant during a summer drought. Fertilizer should be applied according to a lawn fertilizing schedule: too little will result in thin turf, sometimes yellowing turf that has a higher susceptibility to lawn diseases such as, red thread and rust; too much fertilizer also can contribute to many turf problems in the lawn. Turf problems caused by over fertilizing the lawn:

  • Increase in lawn care maintenance practices, such as mowing and aeration
  • Lower summer drought tolerances
  • Increase in insect damages on the turf
  • Greater susceptibility to turf diseases
  • Burning of grass roots and foliage, especially if applied in the summer or applied in excessive amounts
  • Contributes to excess nutrients that filter into and pollute local water systems

Weed Control Applications

Weeds will tend to thrive at the expense of the more desirable grass. They will provide competition for space, nutrients, air, water and sunlight. To prevent their seed germination and growth, we use a combination of pre emergents applied to the soil, and post emergent applications to the turf. Our lawn care company will fight those hard to kill broadleaf weeds until they are gone in Silver Lake and Munroe Falls OH.


The Importance of Grass Recycling on the Turf

Grass recycling benefits both your lawn and the environment in the community. If lawns are mowed on a regular basis, clippings quickly decompose providing free fertilization for your turf. It's a misconception that grass recycling contributes to a thatch buildup or spreads lawn diseases. Thatch is an accumulation of partly decomposed turfgrass roots and stems that develops beneath the actively growing lawn. Grass clippings are largely composed of water and natural nutrients that decompose rapidly.

Akron Canton Lawn Care takes the hassle out of caring for your lawn and helps you get your valuable free time back in Munroe Falls & Silver Lake Ohio. We also offer many other lawn services such as lawn aeration, overseeding and turf pest control.

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