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Your home is usually your biggest investment, and so is the lawn that surrounds it. Akron Canton Lawn Care understands this and you can count on us to help you get the healthy, beautiful lawn you’ve always dreamed of.
As a full-service, locally owned and operated lawn care business that has been turning Clinton and New Franklin Ohio green for years, Akron Canton Lawn Care provides only the highest quality products and services for all of your outdoor lawn care needs. We pay special attention to your lawns specific needs, whether that be general turf treatment, pests, or a total property makeover, we’ve got you covered.

Lawn Care Experts

Whether you’re looking to maximize your property value or simply looking to restore your lawn to a lush and healthy state again. Akron Canton Lawn Care promises you the lawn care service experience you deserve by only using state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally-safe products and always deliver on our promises.

We do more than just treat the surface of your lawn; we dig deep with our core aeration techniques to make sure your lawn is healthy at its roots as an optional service. The thick Ohio clay and soil surrounding your plants’ roots can sometimes make it hard for them to absorb the oxygen, nutrients and water they need to survive.

As New Franklin and Clinton Ohio lawn care experts, we are able to insert small aeration holes, which loosen compacted soil and allow for stronger, deeper roots. Our mission is to help transform your yard into a blissfully manicured landscape that surpasses your expectations.

New Franklin & Clinton Ohio Turf Treatment Company

Here at Akron Canton Lawn Care we know that keeping your yard beautiful means keeping it healthy with fertilizer and weed control focusing on eradicating all kinds of threats to your lawn, including weeds, insects, and inadequate nutrients. That is why we pay close attention to what your lawn needs and makes sure that the treatments being used don’t cause any harm to you or your lawn. Many lawn care and landscaping companies use inadequate fertilizers when treating lawns because they are more expensive, or the company just doesn’t know any better.

We advocate on only using state advised professional products only available to state licensed companies in Ohio.
Our continuous turf treatments help us keep your yard vibrant and strong, and allow you to make the most of your outdoor living space. We go above and beyond so that you can relax, knowing our professionally trained certified staff will expertly care for your landscape and help you protect your investment.

Weed Control Treatment

We understand that there is nothing more invasive and aesthetically depreciating to your landscape than weeds. These pesky intruders can cover your grass completely, shading them from the sun and depriving them of necessary nutrients. They can also steal important critical minerals from the soil, leaving your lawn frail and lifeless. Forget plucking weeds one by one with your hands all day long. Akron Canton Lawn Care utilizes several more efficient and successful strategies to rid your lawn of weeds and leave it looking green and healthy with our fertilizer and weed control.

We spread pre-emergent products on your lawn to stop weeds before they even start growing. Post-emergent products are used if the weeds are already in full bloom. We also use various bionutrients, aeration tactics and fertilizers to help strengthen the lawn’s roots while simultaneously killing the weeds. At Akron Canton Lawn Care, we are experts at defending your lawn against all kinds of weeds – broadleaf weeds such as white clover and dandelions, or grassy weeds such as crabgrass are no match for us.

Why Choose Us?

As a company that is eager to work with you on reaching your lawn care goal, we offer free and concise estimates by phone or in person. Our efforts to satisfy our customers have not gone unnoticed by the local community and we are a local businesses that supports the community. Being state licensed and using top of the line equipment with digital controls to guarantee perfect applications every time gives you peace of mind when we are on your property. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can cancel at anytime.

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