Bath and Richfield Ohio Organic Lawn Care Treatments

Choosing Organic based fertilization for your lawn care needs will give you peace of mind of having healthier grass that is also safe for the environment Bath and Richfield Ohio. Routine lawn care applications are key to ensuring the health and beauty of your turf. Akron Canton Lawn Care uses pre-emergents for crabgrass with low impact weed control with organic based fertilizers, in order to provide you with the most environmentally friendly lawn care without sacrificing the results. With our low impact weed control we only target the weeds and we will never apply a blanket application. Choosing Akron Canton Lawn Care as your lawn care provider will give you peace of mind of having healthier grass that is better for the environment.


Professional Organic Lawn Care Based Service

We always are committed to maintaining a crew that is well educated in the lawn care industry. We are certified applicators in the states of Ohio. Our staff attends conferences and seminars to keep up to date on all of the new products available as well as gaining information to help diagnose problems that can occur on your lawn. We apply organic based fertilization with naturally occurring nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. We always provide a quality lawn service at an honest price and we will not force services on you, we will only suggest them..

Lawn Core Aeration and Overseeding Services

We suggest incorporating new grass seed varieties that naturally defend against damaging pests, resulting in a thicker and durable lawn. This can be accomplished by lawn aerating and overseeding. It is much more tolerant to drought and heat stress. Akron Canton Lawn Care looks forward to providing you a beautiful and healthy lawn in Richfield & Bath Township OH for many years to come.

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