Grass requires different nutrients to thrive than other plants. Our approach to lawn care takes into account the health of your entire lawn by only using the best weed control and fertilizer available to state licensed businesses. Let our experts help you determine what is best for your lawn.

Lawn care is a science, that you try to achieve optimal health which requires the expertise that only a dedicated professional can provide. Our comprehensive care looks at the overall health of the lawn on your property. We monitor on every application and take appropriate action.

At Akron Canton Lawn Care, our approach to lawn care takes into account the health of your entire lawn in Green and Uniontown Ohio

Our fertilizer and weed control programs enhance the lushness and beauty of your lawn by utilizing the highest quality conventional treatments available in the industry safely and effectively. We always apply two applications of crabgrass control to ensure premium crabgrass control in your lawn. Instead of the industry standard of only one application.

A combination of traditional fertilizers, soil supplements, and weed controls make this a highly effective regimen to achieve a perfect looking lawn.


Core Aeration is the process of removing cores of soil and depositing them back on top of the soil surface. This allows water, air and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Which improves the overall health and root growth of the turf. At this time, it's also most beneficial to Overseed your lawn with a desirable blend of turf grass. It improves the color and density of the turf and makes it less susceptible to disease. Last but not least aeration relieves compaction of the soil and helps eliminate thatch. As you can see core aeration and overseeding is a crucial element to keeping your lawn healthy, happy in Uniontown and Green Ohio.

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