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The way to achieve the best looking lawn is not a secret, it is always discipline. It's having the discipline to maintain a scheduled turfgrass fertilization and weed control program with a lawn care company. Our lawn care treatments are consistently providing your turfgrass with the nutrients necessary to sustain a healthy lawn right here in Wadsworth OH. Our licensed applicators know how to perform the correct treatments using the highest quality products and taking the time to do the job right.


Benefits of Fertilizing & Weed Control on your Turfgrass

  • Weed Free
  • Increase in Drought Tolerance
  • Lush & Green in Appearance
  • Promotes Health in Turf Root Growth
  • Replenishes Nutrients and Enriches The Soil
  • Fights Lawn Diseases


Fertilization & Weed Control

At Akron Canton Lawn Care we spend a great deal of time and energy on researching and testing the science of nutrients and the management methods in Wadsworth OH. We always work very hard to provide technology in fertilization and weed Control with our lawn care company. Our years of experience have provided us with specific details and proprietary methods in making us an above average lawn care management company.

When we are developing a turf fertilizing programs, we consider many factors:

  • Minerals required for turfgrass growth and development
  • Soil fertility
  • Proper fertilization selections
  • Grass species, desired quality, and application
  • Environment and management of the conditions
  • Proper Treatment scheduling

Weed Control Applications

Weed control products will kill or alter the normal growth of weeds. They can be divided into two main groupings: selective and non-selective. Selective weed control are those that control that targets weeds without damaging any desirable turf species. Non selective weed control kills all the vegetation (including the grass) and are used in lawn renovation or on weeds that are not able to be controlled by any selective weed control. Weed control can be further divided into pre emergence and post-emergence individual categories. Pre emergence weed control are applied prior to seed germination and emergence of weeds. These are typically used for only controlling the annual weeds. Post-emergence weed control are used for controlling weeds that have already emerged from the soil in the turf. They are either contact or systemic in nature. Post emergence contact weed control affect only those plant parts that they come in contact with and are not translocated to other portions of the plant. Post emergence-systemic weed control are translocated throughout the plant; hence they are effective in controlling perennial weeds that will generate new foliage from underground vegetative structures. Weed control can be applied to foliage or the soil. Post emergence weed control are usually foliar applied, whereas pre emergence weed control would be applied to the soil. A foliar-applied weed control must contact and be absorbed by the foliage, and is less effective if washed off the leaf surfaces by rain or irrigation. Soil applied weed control can be applied as either a liquid or granular application; they should be watered into the soil during or following the application.

Micro-nutrients for the turf and the importance of leaving the grass clipping behind when you are mowing

These are the nutrients that are necessary for turf growth in small amounts and are sometimes referred to as trace elements. Micro-nutrients are iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, and chlorine. Deficiencies are most likely to occur in sandy more loose soils in a lawn. With the exception of iron, the addition of micro-nutrients is usually not necessary or that beneficial. In alkaline soils, iron binds to soil particles and becomes unavailable to a plant. The result is iron chlorosis, which causes the yellowing of turf blades. If the soil pH is kept within the proper range for the turf there is little chance that a micro-nutrient deficiency would affect the turf growth, especially if turf clippings are allowed to break down.


Other services we offer are core aeration, overseeding and turf pest programs. These services are very beneficial to anyone’s lawn.


The goal is always to achieve a beautiful looking green lawn for you with no effort or time required from you. We make lawn care very easy and deliver the results you expect with Akron Canton Lawn Care in Wadsworth Ohio.

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