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Akron Canton Lawn Care is offering lawn core aeration in Canton Ohio. Aeration is an important service available for your turf. Core aeration is completed with commercial equipment that removes thousands of plugs of soil from your lawn. This allows nutrients, water, air and fertilizer to get to the roots of your turf. Core aeration will develop new growth pockets for roots and helps in the decomposition of thatch in the lawn. When the thatch layer gets over ½ inch thick it starts to damage the lawn. It blocks water and nutrients to get to the grass and essentially starts to suffocate the turf grass. One of the biggest benefits is that it eliminates soil compaction.

When the lawn is compacted fertilizer, water and nutrients runoff the turf instead of soaking in to give you a healthy and superior looking lawn. Also it will help drainage issues on your property as a huge bonus. It is tough to get grass to grow well in hard compacted soil. When you have a healthy, lush, dense and green lawn it will be more capable to handle heat stress and drought that you can experience in the summer months.

It is recommended to do core aeration at least once a year on your lawn. Greens keepers at golf courses know it is the best thing to do to have a beautiful and healthy lawn. Many golf courses do core aeration many times a year because they love the benefits it provides. We use top of the line commercial aerating equipment to pull great cores to provide you a superior result.


Akron Canton Lawn Care also offers overseeding services in Canton OH. The perfect time to overseed is when you have had your lawn aerated. It is a great inexpensive way to reseed your grass to keep it thick, healthy and beautiful year round. Also overseeding will fill in any bare or thin spots in your lawn.

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