A Healthier Lawn With Fertilizer & Weed Control

Whether you are a new homeowner or you are simply looking to revive a stressed lawn, regular lawn care is an important part of taking care of your property in Copley and Fairlawn OH. Here at Akron Canton Lawn Care, we have a team of state certified professionals trained to manage your lawn. Big or small, we can handle any size of lawn to help you achieve the lush green turf you’ve been looking for.

Lawn Care in Fairlawn & Copley Ohio

Here at Akron Canton Lawn Care, we understand that each season brings very unique challenges for every lawn. Our lawn care technicians are experts in our local area and know exactly what your lawn needs to thrive every day with proper weed control & fertilizer. When you partner with Akron Canton Lawn Care, you can expect the following:

A Personalized Experience.

Every lawn is different and any unique challenge your lawn may have we will work hard to create a solution that works best for you to ensure you get everything you are looking for.

On site Assessment.

As your local neighbor, and homeowners ourselves, we know just how important total transparency is. That is why when you partner with a locally-owned business for your lawn care needs, you can always get an on-site assessment upon request where we can talk about your needs and expectations and put you totally at ease about the process.


We do not just start a project with transparency, we maintain it all the way throughout the entire process. If you ever have any questions you are always welcomed to ask and get a response from a state-certified professional.

Reliable Service, Always Guaranteed.

When you partner with Akron Canton Lawn Care, you can rest assured that you have made a great investment. We pride ourselves in our hard work, professional products and a job well done. We guarantee our work 100%.

Lawn Care Services in Copley & Fairlawn Ohio.

A Professional Team You Can Depend On

At Akron Canton Lawn Care, you are not just our customer, but a part of your local community. While we may put everything we have into creating the best lawn possible, our top priority is ensuring we deliver great work that makes all our customers happy.

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