When looking for a lawn care service in Copley or Fairlawn OH everyone is looking for a company that will deliver:

  • Healthy and vibrant green grass
  • Friendly, professional and knowledgeable lawn care professionals
  • Consistent results in their lawn year after year
  • Turf that is free of weeds, vegetation, and pests
  • A company focusing on customer satisfaction

At Akron Canton Lawn Care, we are always committed to all of the above, and then some! Our lawn care services in Fairlawn and Copley Ohio will keep your lawn or commercial property in superior condition year round. Our carefully designed treatment programs aim to address every component of your lawn’s health needed to encourage vigor growth and prevent diseases.


We have the experience in the turf grass industry and are very familiar with the various types of grass and plants found in our local area as well as the ever-changing climate conditions and soil that all affect the state of your lawn.

Healthy Lawn Fertilization Programs

We would love to help transform your property into a lush, green, healthy lawn. Give Akron Canton Lawn Care the responsibility of maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn for you so you can spend your free time doing the things you would like to be doing. Combined with some of the other services we offer, our lawn care treatment plans will ensure that your lawn is in the best shape possible.

Proper lawn fertilization has the largest impact on the color and vigor of your grass, the keyword being “proper”. Various factors including the type of grass, quality of soil, and local climate all play a role in what type of fertilization your turf needs. At Akron Canton Lawn Care, we are experts at determining the correct mix of nutrients your turf needs to thrive in Copley and Fairlawn Ohio.

When your lawn receives proper fertilization, it is more resistant to all weed growth, drought, and diseases. A healthy lawn also helps the environment by producing more oxygen, cooling the air, and absorbing the dust. Combine our fertilizer with our weed control which comes standard in all our treatment plans you will have the best yard on the block before you know it. We always apply two treatments of crabgrass control to ensure great results. Instead of the industry standard of one application. Some of our other major services we offer are grub control, insect control, lawn aeration and overseeding.

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