Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

Akron Canton Lawn Care fertilizer and weed control services have evolved considerably over the past years in The Portage Lakes & Coventry Township OH area. Our core “weed and feed” program remains one of our most popular lawn care service, but in addition to eradicating common broadleaf weeds like dandelions and clover, we can take care of more complicated grassy weeds such as nutsedge and crabgrass. Akron Canton Lawn Care also offers other services like grub control, insect control, lawn core aeration and overseeding.

Lawn fertilization and weed control is Akron Canton Lawn Cares most popular lawn service that will produce fewer weeds and a thicker, more lush and greener lawn.

We know that a program for lawn fertilizer and weed control that works in one neighboring area may not be right for another. Therefore, we tailor our fertilization and weed prevention services to the local climate and growing conditions in the Coventry Township and Portage Lakes area. We also know that different people have individual preferences for their lawn care service. That’s why we offer you lawn care options of either 5 or 6 applications and additional services like core aeration.

Here are the key benefits of proper fertilizer and weed control:

  • Thicker, greener lawn
  • Fewer weeds
  • A healthier, more attractive lawn and home
  • A heartier, more stress-resistant lawn
  • Increase in property value

Take a moment to browse our lawn care tips, and blogs for more weed control and prevention sources to learn more about the best strategies in improving, growing, and maintaining a healthy lawn. Many times hiring us is comparable or cheaper than purchasing residential equipment and products to put on your own lawn. We are state licensed applicators and use top of the line equipment with digital controls to ensure proper applications every time.

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