Akron Canton Lawn Care offers lawn care services for homeowners needing a reliable company to handle all of their yard work in a professional and affordable way. We provide our special services in Hudson, Stow, and surrounding areas of Ohio. Grass care is an essential part of lawn maintenance. Akron Canton Lawn Care has been providing lawn care services in the Stow and Hudson Ohio area for many years now, and we have a team of professionals that are state certified. The needs of your lawn can vary depending on soil conditions, the amount of sunlight your lawn receives, how much water your lawn gets, and so on. Your lawn is delicate, and for this reason, it's best to let the experts take care of it for you at Akron Canton Lawn Care. We know you probably do not have the time needed to monitor your grass to make sure that it's growing correctly. For this reason we are here to help with all your fertilizer and weed control needs.

We will make sure that we keep track of your yard with our lawn care services by providing lawn fertilization and weed control services when necessary. Everyone loves having a green, full lawn, and we are here to make this dream a reality for you and your family. Akron Canton Lawn Care gets rid of weeds, applies fertilizer, controls insects, grubs, core aerates and overseeds. We care about your lawn and we put a lot of hard work and dedication into making sure that your lawn looks beautiful.


A lush, groomed, healthy, green lawn can be the centerpiece of your property, and we can provide you with affordable and professional lawn services to keep it looking this way. We have the experience, workers, equipment, and skills to keep your lawn looking great. We have an extensive knowledge of all the grass and soil types in the Hudson and Stow Ohio area. Because of this, we know how and when to take care of your necessary weed control and fertilizer.


Lawn fertilization is needed throughout the season to keep your grass looking healthy. Many homeowners think that fertilization is only something you need to do in the spring or fall months of the year. However, it is important to understand that your grass needs season long fertilization. Depending on your grass type, the conditions in your area, and your soil type, we will figure out how often and how much fertilization is necessary to keep your lawn looking great and having strong, robust roots throughout each season of the year. A "fed" lawn is happier and healthier than a lawn that is "starved."

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