Lawn Aeration

Akron Canton Lawn Care is offering core aeration to local lawns in Stow and Hudson OH. The cost of lawn aeration are usually less expensive than the average rental rates for lawn aerators.

Lawn Aeration is the most beneficial practice you can preform to get a healthy and gorgeous lawn. Your lawn must have cultivation to help improve the soil. Fertilizer does not improve the soil compaction or conditions. When you do core aeration it builds a greater resistance against insects, disease and drought conditions we experience here in Ohio.

Core Aeration removes plugs of soil and thatch in your lawn with specially designed commercial equipment. The equipment has hollow coring tines that are passed over the lawn, penetrating the surface of the lawn and removing plugs of soil and thatch from the lawn. The removal of these plugs makes the soil not compacted anymore. Then intern allowing fertilizer, air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your lawn. This makes for a healthier deep root system that promotes the grass to better overcome stress caused by disease, insects and future droughts.

Your lawn after aerating.

After Akron Canton Lawn Care aerates the cores should be left on the lawn after aeration. They contain soil microorganisms that will break down thatch in the lawn. These cores break down in a short time when left on the grass. Core aeration works with or without seeding. This is why every golf course aerates many times a year to achieve the best turf grass possible.

Overseeding in Hudson & Stow Ohio is an excellent practice for your lawn immediately after it has been core aerated. It helps to keep your lawn from being vulnerable to disease, heat stress, weeds and insects. Areas in your lawn that are damaged also greatly benefit from overseeding. It helps re-establish a strong thick foundation of turf and helps achieve the overall health and visual appearance of your lawn.

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