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In Canton OH Give Dandelions Their Final Notice With Akron Canton Lawn Care!

In Canton Ohio we quickly eliminate dandelions and other unsightly weeds and rid your lawn of crabgrass with professional grade fertilizer products with State Licensed technicians. We apply two applications of crabgrass control to every yard to give you the best lawn care service possible. Unlike the typical one application of crabgrass control. Here at Akron Canton Lawn Care we also monitor threats from insects and disease with a timely and effective lawn care treatment program. Our applications of fertilizer and weed control are designed to produce effective results all season long here in Canton Ohio.

Akron Canton Lawn Care Services Approach to Every Yard

We have spent many years building our reputation as a reliable, personable and professional lawn care company. You can count on our knowledgeable lawn care specialists to provide the quality service and peace of mind you and your lawn deserve. We are committed to quality service and products. We always make it easy for you to provide valuable feedback and hold us accountable to the high level of service that we have promised you here in Canton Ohio.

With our lawn care experience, count on our professionals to accurately assess the condition of your lawn and offer the most effective treatments to optimize its healthy growth. We use professional equipment integrated with digital controls that ensure the proper rate of product is always used for a perfect outcome every time.

Comprehensive Fertilization and Control:

  • Balanced fertilizer every applications
  • Crabgrass control twice
  • Broadleaf weed control every application if needed
  • Insect and disease monitoring
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Our Work Always Speaks for Itself!

Relax, sit back, and let the professionals at Akron Canton Lawn Care worry about the weeds, regular feedings, problem areas, and pest control. Our effective lawn care treatment programs promote a green, healthy, lush and insect free lawn. Usually hiring us is comparable or even cheaper than trying to do it yourself with inferior residential products and equipment.

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