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Lawn Aeration

Akron Canton Lawn Care in Green & Uniontown OH offers lawn aeration service. Your grass roots need air, water and nutrients to grow healthy and make your lawn look great. Two things that keep all this good stuff from reaching roots are thick thatch building up and hard compacted soil. Lawn aeration will eliminate both of those problems that occur.

How is core aeration done on a lawn?

A core aerator pulls out thousands of plugs of thatch and soil core plugs from your lawn. The hollow blades of the aeration equipment cut through the thatch layers and into the soil, then leaving the plugs to decompose on top of the turf. These wide open paths where the plugs used to be allow for easy penetration of life-giving air, water, fertilizer and nutrients the grass needs to flourish.

 What is the problem with thick thatch?

Thatch is the layer just above the soil of decaying organic plant life. Thatch continues to build up without aerating, forming a habitat for insects and disease to thrive in. Core aeration is an easy way to break through the thick thatch and open up the soil conditions.

Why should we worry about compacted soil?

Soil, especially if it has lots of hard clay, can become compacted and dense very quickly. It is hard for anything, including roots of plants, to get through. Removing the plugs gives the soil a new lease on life in your lawn. Soil and roots can expand into the created spaces the aerator makes and softens the soil. It’s also easier for the worms and other beneficial insects to move through the soil. Another great benefit is that the plugs are left on the lawn surface to break up. These plugs mix with the thatch and help it decompose. Everyone's lawn benefits from aeration at least once a year. Golf courses know this to be true and aerate multiple times a year.

Overseeding with Akron Canton Lawn Care

Another great service to add to aeration in Uniontown and Green Ohio is overseeding. Aeration promotes seed germination in a lawn. Grass seeds will germinate easier in aerator holes. Overseeding will help thicken up any lawn or also help thin and bare spots. A lush healthy lawn is the best preventive against insects and disease. Let alone the added benefit of its appearance when the grass is thick and healthy.

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